Local Roots Revival
Edis Fodolovic,
Robert Gordon University

To handle the inflow of new inhabitants and visitors and to create a new cultural hub, this project aims to present a comprehensive plan for Inverness that will ensure that the city's development is carefully controlled while keeping its distinctive character and cultural identity. The reclaimed site on Inverness Harbour offers a chance for sustainable development that protects the local flora. It strategically incorporates a lot of green space across the site to conceal the industrial region. The project's focal point is a community centre that offers a lively setting for people of all ages and backgrounds. The entire development carefully maximises solar gain to reduce electricity use. The structure is made of marine-grade cross-laminated timber and has a straightforward portal frame design that allows materials and lateral fins to be reused in the future. Specially treated wood offers additional protection by being fire resistant. The ground floor's open layout also enables flexibility for various events and environments.