Sirocco Quays: Multi-Generational Residential Scheme
Jack Buckley ACIAT,
Ulster University

This redevelopment project is envisioned as a comprehensive intergenerational housing complex comprising 100 apartments. In addition to residential spaces, the ground floor and mezzanine levels are allocated for retail spaces, enriching the local community's convenience and amenities. A commitment to eco-friendly construction methods and materials permeates the entire endeavour. Intensive green roofs and 'green' areas on curved balconies inspired by its seaside location are integrated into the design – enhancing air quality and providing residents with healthier living spaces. The project also embraces modular construction elements, such as steel balconies and bathrooms. There is native planting around entrances and shared roof terraces. These green roof systems manage excessive surface water runoff. The development incorporates AkzoNobel Aluminium brise soleil to provide solar shading to apartments that are exposed to solar radiation. It also serves as an aesthetic feature enhancing the project's overall design.