The AT Awards | Gold recognises and celebrates the dedication and commitment of Chartered Architectural Technologists who have demonstrated a significant contribution or outstanding service to the Institute.

There is a maximum of ten Awards presented annually to Chartered Architectural Technologists who have changed, developed or advanced the Institute, by solid, demonstrable and outstanding achievement.

The Award cannot be given on the basis of time-served.

This Award sits alongside the Chartered Architectural Technologist of the Year Award and the The aspirATion Award for Emerging Talent in AT.

Key dates

Nominations open Monday 5 February 2024 
Nominations close  Sunday 7 July 2024
AT Awards event  Friday 25 October 2024


How do I write a citation for the nomination?

The citation must be a narrative of how the Chartered Architectural Technologist has changed, developed or advanced the Institute and will need to include examples of how they have demonstrated this significant contribution or outstanding service.

How should a citation read?

The Gold Award Panel considers a nominee’s merit based on the submitted citation only. The citation should not be an extended CV, a list of educational or vocational achievements, appointments, awards, posts or a job description showing what the person has done.

The citation should describe what is special about the Chartered Architectural Technologist’s achievements and illustrate memorably and persuasively how and where they have made a difference to the Institute. 

Example excerpts from citations:

As a founding member in the Institute’s early years, Hilda led the Regional Planning Committee to establish all Regional Councils and was responsible for compiling the Model Chapter Rules. At the time, Hilda was described as the ‘number one advocate’ in establishing a firm policy for CIAT through the formation of the Standing Orders (the first Constitution).

 "Additionally, Kenneth was the Institute’s Honorary Treasurer from 1978 until his retirement in 1990. During his terms as Honorary Treasurer, CIAT underwent a period of financial hardship and the dedication and time put in by Kenneth to rebuild financial viability, alongside delivering a committed service to the members was essential to the continuation of CIAT as the robust membership body it is today. Working with the Finance Committee and Department, Kenneth formulated the strategies and policies which have established the Institute’s healthy surplus and working capital enabling project developments into the future. This change from deficit to surplus during this tough time has to be admired.

Factual information

If you require factual/historical information about the Chartered Architectural Technologist you are nominating, please contact Adam Endacott, Creative & Communications Director and Archivist ([email protected]). He will endeavour to provide the information you seek.

Who is ineligible for the AT Awards | Gold?

  • A Chartered Architectural Technologist currently serving on Council or Executive Board.
  • A previous recipient, a list of which can be found here.


The winner receives:

a certificate, lapel badge and medal.

Nominations remain strictly confidential until they are announced and presented at the AT Awards event.

Details of the AT Awards | Gold Award recipients are published in AT Journal, including the full citation, and promoted accordingly through all relevant mediums.


Nominations for a AT Awards | Gold Award remain strictly confidential and can be submitted by any person using the nomination form. The Gold Award Panel will then consider the nominations. The successful recipients will be notified in confidence, as will the nominator. No other parties will be advised prior to the announcement and presentation. Please do not advise the Member they are being nominated.

There is no guarantee that a Chartered Architectural Technologist who has been nominated will be successful.

Decisions of the Gold Award Panel are final. 

Additional information

All queries should be directed to [email protected]

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