The AT Awards| Emerging Talent in the Technology of Architecture is a new annual Award for excellence in the technology of architecture for those in the early stages of their career in Architectural Technology.

It has been launched to recognise Associate members and Chartered Architectural Technologists with a professional career path of ten years or less.

This Award recognises and celebrates excellence and achievement demonstrated by a professional within Architectural Technology, the technology of architecture. 

The new Award has the coveted title as ‘Emerging Talent in the Technology of Architecture for 2021’ and sits alongside the Chartered Architectural Technologist of the Year Award and the Gold Award.  It is for an individual's contribution in achieving excellence as an emerging professional in Architectural Technology. The winner is awarded for their contribution to the profession with the focus on the person and their outstanding contribution to date within the discipline of Architectural Technology.

The entry should be a 360-degree assessment of the person, highlighting in particular:

  • character
  • collaboration
  • contribution
  • influence
  • personal development
  • professionalism

This can be at a local, national and/or international level, provided that the nominee has demonstrated and made a significant impact already within Architectural Technology.  

An entrant can be nominated by anyone, this could be a member or affiliate, a fellow professional, a client, employer, student or colleague; not self-nominated.

All entrants must be a current Associate or Chartered member of CIAT.


Criteria for submission

  1. 150 word statement on why the entrant should receive this Award.
  2. Written submission, maximum length 2,000 words, outlining the nominees character, impact, passion, key responsibilities and work, aspects which illustrate specialist skills and an evidenced description of the reason explaining how the entrant has demonstrated excellence as an Associate member or Chartered Architectural Technologist. Judging will be based purely on the submission so it is key that it captures the person.
  3. It must include referenced evidence and testimonials from colleagues, clients and contributors to support the submission.
  4. A non-refundable entry fee of £75 (plus. VAT).

N.B. If the entry does not satisfy the criteria detailed above, it may be returned to you for resubmission.

Should further clarity or information be required, the nominator will be contacted regarding the nomination.


The winner receives:

the coveted title of ‘Emerging Talent in the Technology of Architecture for 2021’, a trophy, logo and certificate.


  • Use of a customised AT Awards logo.
  • Press release.
  • Features and films on the website and social media channels.
  • Promotion at future events.
  • Case studies.
  • Promotion before, during and after the AT Awards event.


Entries are judged and peer assessed by the Judging Panel irrespective of complexity, location or style. Judging takes place during August and the Panel may make a request to speak to the nominee.

Entry conditions

Entry conditions

  1. Winning submissions remain the property of CIAT and will be used in publicity material accordingly.
  2. The application form must be completed in full in the prescribed format, together with the entry fee.
  3. Once the application has been submitted, no refunds can be made if the application is later withdrawn.
  4. Confidentiality will be observed in respect of the information associated with the submitted entry.
  5. Judges reserve the right to accept or reject entries.
  6. Judges reserve the right to not make an award.
  7. There will only be one winner in any one year. 
  8. The Judge's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Additional information

All queries should be directed to at[email protected] or call +44(0)20 7278 2206 and speak to the Communications Department.


Key dates
Entries open:               Monday 1 February 2021
Closes:                           Entries now closed
AT Awards event:        Friday 22 October 2021