Carl Collins

On 8 March 2019, after two seperate hearings, the Conduct Committee resolved to expel Carl Collins from the Institute with immediate effect. Mr Collins was prior to expulsion a Chartered Architectural Technologist and was expelled for being in breach of the following clauses from the Code of Conduct, effective 1 May 2014:

Clause 1: Professional Conduct
The members shall at all times:
e) not knowingly misrepresent the views of the Institute.

Clause 8: Breaches of this Code
The members shall:
c) when subject to an investigation by the Institute of an alleged breach of this Code use their best endeavours to assist in that investigation at their own cost.

As an expelled Member, Mr Collins may not make reference to CIAT, make use of the logo or display any membership certificate or card. He may not hold himself out as a Chartered Architectural Technologist, a Member of CIAT or use the designation MCIAT. He may not refer to any of his practices as being registered with CIAT.

Details of Conduct Hearings are published in AT Journal and on this website.