aspirATion Group opportunities

CIAT's aspirATion Groups currently have opportunities for the role of Chair.

CIAT's aspirATion Groups currently have opportunities for the role of Chair in:

  • East Midlands Region
  • Wessex Region
  • East Anglia Region
  • Republic of Ireland Centre

This initiative is aimed at future Architectural Technology professionals and specifically designed to target students and recent graduates and encourage Institute engagement in their formative years within the discipline.

The Chairs will work with the established Regional/Centre Committees, educational establishments running CIAT Accredited programmes, colleges, peer groups such as neighbouring aspirATion Groups, members of BRE Academy, CIOB Novus, RICS Matrics, FAN, YEN, and industry professionals within CIAT's Regions/Centres to organise events, which include socials, CPD or site visits.

If you are interested, please submit a personal statement outlining what you could bring to the role of Chair relating to the aspirATion Group terms of reference:

  • Engage with and increase the potential participation among current students, graduates, Associates and affiliates and recently qualified Chartered Architectural Technologists.
  • Exchange ideas for the promotion of Architectural Technology and discuss ways to support current and future members and affiliates as they embark on their career in Architectural Technology.
  • Work collaboratively to promote the Institute including its initiatives, activities, objectives and constitutional processes to potential AT professionals and other associated professions.
  • Promote Architectural Technology as a career of choice.
  • Provide a focal point for the Institute's activities and objectives relevant to aspiring Architectural Technology professionals, and recently qualified Chartered Members.
  • Maintain a dialogue with the Institute's other Groups and Committees regarding issues that may affect aspiring Architectural Technology professionals and recently qualified Chartered Members.
  • Be the link between the Region/Centre aspirATion Groups and Central Office.
  • Report to Council on the activities of the Committee and the Region/Centre Groups.

You need to be a student member, Associate member, affiliate or Chartered Member for five years or less. Please send your expression of interest to [email protected] by Tuesday 30 November 2021. 

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