CIC commends 40 signatories of its climate action plan as it is showcased at COP26

The Construction Industry Council's (CIC) 'Carbon Zero: the professional institutions' climate action plan' has now reached 40 signatories, of which CIAT is one.

Signatories to the CIC 'Carbon Zero: the professional institutions' climate action plan' have been working on implementation proposals for the plan to have them ready for COP26, with steps, responsible departments and timelines for each action. The Climate Change Action Plan identifies 10 areas of work, with 72 deliverables which embrace all interests within CIC, and were developed in close collaboration with a diverse range of Institutions, including CIAT, organisations and individuals.

The signatories to this Action Plan agree that:

  • the actions listed are necessary for dealing with the challenge of climate change;
  • they will implement those actions appropriate to them as an institution/organisation; and
  • they will support the other signatory institutions and organisations in delivering the remaining actions

Stephen Hodder MBE said: "I am delighted that COP26 will hear about the unprecedented institutional alliance that has resulted in our Action Plan. It is a plan for real action, not hollow rhetoric, and one that will see an up-skilling of built environment professionals and their contribution to the decarbonisation of the wider construction industry. I would like to thank all contributors for the hard work that has brought us to this significant moment, not least Simon Foxell of the Edge think tank for the plan's inception."

The Action Plan can be downloaded here.

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