Circular Reno | CIAT seeks participants for stakeholder advisory group

CIAT has been invited to participate in a stakeholder advisory group for an EU InterRegNW project entitled Circular Reno, which is seeking to develop and demonstrate biobased modular construction solutions for application in retrofit across several EU regions including in Ireland.

WP1 of the project aims to develop an action plan and possible supply chains for a range of agricultural crops (straw, miscanthus and hemp being proposed) to develop biobased construction materials and solutions with demonstration of same in modular construction systems.

The project is envisaged to support stakeholders in developing knowledge of agri-crop to biomass construction material solutions with supports toward developing supply chains leading to potential commercial and business opportunities for the sector, including carbon farming and trading benefits.

The stakeholder advisory group will consist of representatives from key agencies and organisations covering a range of sectors, notably agricultural, manufacturing etc. toward providing some strategic direction and input for the work package.

It is envisaged there will be two short online meetings per year to consult with the stakeholder advisory group and to brief them regularly on the project by email along with invitations to workshops and training events with the wider stakeholder network.

For further information on the project and the Irish agri-crop to biomass material work package, please find the Circ-Reno and WP1 information flyers below.

CIAT is seeking expressions of interest to participate in the stakeholder advisory group. If you are interested in representing CIAT please contact Joanne Rowlands, Project Management Executive [email protected] to discuss this opportunity further.

Circular Reno overview Circular Reno WP1 flyer


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