CPD in 43 - save the dates!

Upcoming dates for the remainder of 2024 and into 2025 for the Wessex Region's 'CPD in 43' lunchtime online CPD series.

The online CPD series 'CPD-in 43’ is an initiative that provides a 43-minute CPD session during a lunchtime break with 30 minutes of presentation followed by 13 minutes of question and answers.

The sessions feature a diverse range of topics with guests and speakers delivering a multitude of different insights from roofing materials, construction recruiters to software suppliers.

Dates for 2024
12 June (Party Wall and Practical Guide for Technical Design, James Dean, Western Building Consultants)
17 July (Christine Leadbeater, Keymar Control of Condensation)
14 August (Proctor Group, Building Refurbishment: Systems for Retrofit & Conservation, Adam Salt)
18 September (Kell Jones, ESG, Sustainable finance and the built environment)
16 October (Kara De Los Reyes, Earth-Centered Design: Working with Nature)
13 November (Mark Vaughan, transition from 2D to 3D)
11 December (Seamus Farrell, Moy Materials, Blue-Green Roofs with Smart Control Devices)

Dates for 2025
22 January (Rion Willard, Business of Architecture)
12 February (Craig Brown, Specstudio)
12 March TBC
16 April (Dan Rossiter, BSI)
14 May (Jessica Steele and Anne Cosentino, Architects Benevolent Society) for Mental Health Awareness Week
11 June TBC
16 July (Adam Endacott, 60th Anniversary of CIAT)
13 August TBC
17 September TBC
15 October (Sean Lewis and Geraint Jones, Savills Planning)
12 November (Jennifer Neal, Ecological Lighting Designer)
10 December TBC

For dates in 2025 without confirmed speakers, if members and affiliates have any suggestions on themes or topics they would like to see featured, please contact [email protected].

You can watch all previous CPD in 43 sessions on our YouTube Channel.

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