CIAT Scotland East & Scotland West Regions & Mass Timber Academy CPD collaboration

A six-part online CPD course for members and affiliates, that highlights the design and construction potential of modern timber technologies, is available to book now.

Entitled The Mass Timber Revolution, the six-part course takes place at fortnightly intervals between Wednesday 19 April and Wednesday 28 June 2023. Each one-hour session, from 13:00-14:00, will address the manufacture, design, detailing, specification, and construction of a different solid laminate (mass) timber system, with time available afterwards for Q&As. Attendees will also have access to highly relevant bonus material.

The Scotland East and Scotland West Regions have collaborated with the Mass Timber Academy, the UK's only independent education provider to specialise in this fast-growing subject, to produce a bespoke, six-part course comprised of extensive information on each of the solid laminate timber systems in use today.

A message from CIAT Scotland East and CIAT Scotland West:

Did you know the international market for cross laminated timber alone is predicted to grow by almost 14% a year between now and 2028 to become a £3bn+ industry?

Aside from its carbon sequestration credentials and other environmentally beneficial qualities, there are pragmatic design and constructional reasons for this exponential increase in global use. And that's just CLT – there are four other mass timber systems in commercial use around the world today.

So, can you afford not to develop your knowledge, skills and experience in this area? Think this change in construction industry practice is unlikely to happen in Scotland?

Why take a chance on being wrong on both counts when, for a tiny investment in your future, you can do something about this immediately? Open up a whole new world, career and business opportunities by attending The Mass Timber Revolution online course.

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