UKGBC roadmap for climate resilience in UK built environment

The Climate Resilience Roadmap will set metrics to help measure climate resilience, establish urgent priorities and industry-wide targets.

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) is has developed a roadmap to support achieving a climate resilient built environment by 2050. The evidence-based pathway will map how the built environment should adapt to and be prepared for a changing climate – including protecting people, and the buildings, communities, towns and cities we inhabit, from the impacts.

Having launched at the end of last year, the project aims to address a current lack of climate resilience standards at a national, local or sectoral level . UKGBC say the roadmap will use cutting-edge insights from industry to develop science-driven targets and catalyse urgent action across the built environment, and with government and policymakers.

The new roadmap will be a key resource to enable stakeholders to develop their climate-related risk strategies, targets and actionable plans, aligned with current and future UK reporting requirements such as the TCFD and IFRS standards, UKGBC added.

The Climate Resilience Roadmap can be found here.

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