Update | Architectural Technologists' Register (ATR)

An update on the Architectural Technologists' Register (ATR).

CIAT is continuing its endeavours to establish the Architectural Technologists' Registrar (ATR) as a Statutory Register, which will allow competent Architectural Technologists in the Republic of Ireland to provide Assigned and/or Design Certifier functions under the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 [BC(A)R 2014].

Having received a commitment from the previous Minister of the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage (DHLGH) to support CIAT's efforts to bring about Statutory recognition of the ATR, the Institute can also confirm the support of the incumbent Minister, Kieran O'Donnell, received on 19 April 2023.

We are now in the process of setting up the ATR as a fully functioning Shadow Register, mirroring existing Statutory Registers. The purpose of the Shadow Register is to demonstrate its viability to the DHLGH so that it can be established on a Statutory basis. We are working to milestones agreed by the DHLGH before the ATR is incorporated in the next amendment of the Building Control Act.

Two requirements to demonstrate the ATR's viability are:

  1. A critical mass of applications to join the Register with a subscription payment of €200.
  2. Two cycles of Full Registrant subscription payments being received by the ATR.

For the long-term benefit of the discipline and profession in the Republic of Ireland, we now need your support to drive this endeavour forward and bring about the Register's Statutory recognition.

We therefore invite you to support this initiative by applying to join the ATR Shadow Register as a Full Registrant.

How do you apply?
Registration process for Chartered Architectural Technologists from 1 May 2023

  1. Complete the self-declaration form confirming your experience and competence to act as an Assigned and/or Designed Certifier supported by a counter signatory who is an individual on one or more of the statutory registers outlined in BCA 2007 and BC(A)R 2014 in the Republic of Ireland.
    NB: If you provide a copy of your statutory registration certificate, then support from a counter signature is not required.
  2. Provide an up-to-date CV.
  3. Pay the €200 ATR subscription at time of application (bank details below).
  4. Provide a letter from CIAT confirming you have met the Educational (Stage 1) and Practice (Stage 2) Standards as defined in the ATR Professional Standards Framework for registration and eligibility to become a Full Registrant. This letter will be automatically generated and sent to you upon submission of your CV, self-declaration and evidence/confirmation of €200 payment to the ATR, [email protected]

On receipt of your full application, your submission will be reviewed by the ATR Admissions & Assessment Board within 8 weeks.

A progress update will be presented by James Banks, ATR Registrar, at the Republic of Ireland Centre General Business Meeting at the Horse & Jockey Hotel, Tipperary on Saturday 13 May 2023.

Our collective commitment, drive and determination have allowed us to reach this important milestone, and we now request that you as Architectural Technology professionals continue to support the ATR to enable us to demonstrate its viability and attain its Statutory recognition.


ATR self-declaration form ATR bank details ATR Professional Standards Framework


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