Meet the staff at Central Office

Chief Executive Department

Tara Page

Chief Executive


Tara, as Chief Executive, is responsible for the day to day running of the Institute and Central Office. She works with the Executive Board and Council in setting the Strategic and Corporate Plans and prepares the Annual Plan. The Chief Executive attends various events and represents the Institute on many external organisation committees.

Joanne Rowlands

Business Support & Events Executive


Creative & Communications Department

Adam Endacott

Head of Creative & Communications


Adam oversees management of the Creative & Communications Department against the Institute’s aims and objectives within the Strategic and Corporate Plan. He develops and implements the communications and marketing strategies for the Institute at a strategic level, acting as the link between the Institute, the members and affiliates and those outside the Institute. This includes the Institute’s Corporate Style and logo, publications, website, social media, marketing, advertising and sponsorship, promotional items and merchandise, exhibitions, AT Awards, acting as the Region/Centre Liaison and IT amongst other things. Adam in addition is the Editor of AT Journal and the Institute’s Archivist.

Donna Chappell

Marketing & Engagement Executive


April McKay

Web & Digital Officer


April manages and maintains the website and administers the Institute's weekly e-newsletter AT Weekly. She is also the Editor of aspirATion magazine.

Education Department

Dr Noora Kokkarinen

Head of Education


Noora manages the Education Department and the implementation of its objectives within the Strategic and Corporate Plans. She oversees the Approval, Accreditation and Centre of Excellence process, as well as all CPD related activity in addition to the Knowledge Transfer Network.

Ashton Burns

Education Officer


Ashton manages the Approval, Accreditation and Centre of Excellence applications and visits. She also supports with the management of aspirATion, the AT CPD Register and Catalogue as well as the Knowledge Transfer Network.


Finance Department

Sharon Boyd

Head of Finance


Hannah Head

Finance Assistant


Membership Department

James Banks

Head of Membership


James oversees management of the Department against the Institute’s aims and objectives within the Strategic and Corporate Plans, incorporating promotion, collaboration, recruitment, progression, currency of standards and retention. Moderators’ Group and Membership Group fall within the Department’s remit.

Megan Brown

Membership Executive


Megan administers POP/Panel Assessments and Interview Boards, registers all grades of membership as well as providing guidance on joining, progressing and qualifying via all routes to membership.

Anneka Weekes

Membership Officer


Practice Department

Diane Dale

Head of Practice & Technical


Diane is responsible for all matters regarding practice and technical against the Institute’s aims and objectives within the Strategic and Corporate Plans. Diane manages the Practice and Technical Department and facilitates CIAT input into developing and existing legislation and regulations. She works with the Vice-Presidents and Taskforces to keep members and affiliates apprised of issues that they need to be aware of and to produce and develop information and improve and influence conditions assisting members and affiliates to use best practice in relation to regulatory, legislative issues and internal conduct restrictions.

Natalia Simon

Practice & Technical Executive


Steve Fox

Practice & Technical Officer


Abby Wright

Practice & Technical Assistant


Abby supports the Practice Department.