Here you will find access to a free module introducing the QDR process, followed by a short quiz to test your knowledge.

Amounting to 20 minutes CPD

(Running time 10:25)

What is the Qualitative Design Review (QDR) and why is it important?

The QDR is a practical and common sense technique outlined in BS 7974 0 that allows the team to think of the possible ways in which a fire hazard might arise and establish a range of strategies to mitigate or maintain the risk at an acceptable level. 

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After this, take a look below at the Something to think about section.

Something to think about

  1. Have you ever considered using the QDR process before when your building design is beyond Code recommendations?
  2. After seeing this film will you now, or do you already, have discussions with clients beyond life safety for business and property protection?
  3. The QDR can be used to assess products and construction details – would you consider using this process to help assure a design with an underpinning audit trail?
  4. Do you believe using the QDR process will improve communication channels between stakeholders during design and construction phases?
  5. Would you seek to educate clients about the benefits of the QDR after watching this film?
  6. Would you seek to educate builders/contractors about the benefits of the QDR after watching this film?
  7. Would you like further training / CPD on this subject?