Before completing this Form, please ensure the person you wish to make a complaint about is a member or an affiliate of the Institute by using the Find a practice or Check a member or affiliate facility on the CIAT website. Alternatively, please call us on +44 (0)20 7278 2206.

This form is to be completed if you wish to raise a complaint against a member1 or an affiliate2 of CIAT.

Before completing this Form, please read CIAT’s Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures  which contains information regarding the complaints procedure. This form should be read in conjunction with the procedure.

In order for the Conduct Committee to consider your complaint you must identify the Code of Conduct in force at the time the alleged breach took place. 

Click here for copies of the Code of Conduct.

To help you further, CIAT has developed some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Further information on the Institute’s complaints procedure can be found on the Making a Complaint section of the website. If you have any queries in relation to the complaints procedure, you can contact us on either the telephone number above or via email at [email protected].

To assist us, please begin by identifying if your complaint is against a member or an affiliate (formerly profile candidate). We have provided definitions below. If you are unsure, please tick the 'unsure' box below.

Member (as defined by Section A of the Code of Conduct):

Those members accepted by the Institute as a Full Member (MCIAT), Fellow Member (FCIAT), an Associate member (ACIAT) or a student member.

Affiliates (as defined by Section B of the Code of Conduct):

Architectural Technology professionals who:

  • do not satisfy the academic standard criteria for membership; and/or
  • are offering services directly to clients as principals (a member or affiliate who is a sole practitioner, a director, a partner or a limited liability member of a practice. This includes any member or offering and/or providing a service.)

If the Conduct Committee determines that the member/affiliate does have a case to answer against any of the clauses/sub-clauses that you have raised against them in your complaint, this will then proceed to a Conduct Hearing. 

Section 1
Complainant’s details

Section 2
Member’s or affiliate’s details

Section 3
3a) For project related complaints

Complaint details — project related complaint (Complaints submitted by those who have appointed a member or affiliate to work on their project and have been affected by any actions resulting from the member’s or affiliate’s professional conduct.)

(If the complaint is not related to a specific project, please go to Section 3b)

3b) Complaint details — other complaint

Complaints submitted by those who have not had a contract or have not employed a member/affiliate of the Institute for their project, and believe that they have been affected by any actions resulting from the member’s/affiliate’s professional conduct.

For example, but not limited to, employees against their employer, employer against employeee, a third party stakeholder to the project or a fellow professional.

If you are unable to access the document you require, please contact the Practice Department.

The Code of Conduct and clause(s)/sub-clauses that this complaint relates to

NB. — this information must be indicated here. If the details of the Code of Conduct are not stated the complaint will be rejected.

Section 4

Section 5

Before submitting the Complaint form to CIAT, please tick the following:


I understand that this form and all supporting documentation, including the covering letter that has been submitted, will be sent to the member or affiliate for their right of reply.

*Where a complaint is raised in more than one name, all parties are required to provide an online signature and date. It will be sent to other parties if required.

All personal data will be held in keeping with GDPR principles, and the Institute’s Privacy Policy and record retention policies.

If you have any queries or requests in relation to this, please contact: Adam Endacott, Creative & Communications Director at [email protected]