If you do not have a formal qualification or have an unrecognised international qualification, or you are self-employed, then you can apply as an affiliate.

You will:Have no recognised academic qualification; or Be self-employed as a sole practitioner, principal, partner, director, LLP member or freelancing, offering/providing Architectural Technology services directly to clients (paid or unpaid) full time or part-time; or Be providing guidance or services to friends, family or others

Become an Affiliate

Your pathway

You'll need to register your practice by completing a practice registration form for affiliates. Find this here.


What happens next?

What happens once I have joined?

Once your application has been processed, you will receive an electronic welcoming pack with details of your local Region/Centre along with additional information. As a member or affiliate, you can be involved with your Region/Centre or at national level with the Institute. 

What is the role of a Region/Centre?

Each Region/Centre has a Committee which organises Continual Professional Development (CPD) events and other networking opportunities. Members and affiliates are encouraged to attend these events and play an active part within their Region/Centre. You can attend any CPD events organised by other Regions/Centres at your own cost. You can also attend relevant local events arranged by the CIOB, RIBA and RICS. However, you may need to pay to attend these events. Details of all events can be found on our calendar and in your weekly e-newsletter, AT Weekly.

How can I get involved with my Region/Centre/aspirATion Group?

There are opportunities to be involved with the Institute at national level by joining a Committee or Taskforce as well as standing for election in an honorary capacity, as part of the Institute’s Executive Board and Council. Further details can be obtained from Central Office.

I have cancelled my registration. Can I rejoin?

You will just need to complete the joining process again by filling out the application form and paying the re-instatement fee, which is detailed in the subscriptions and fees document.


CIAT affiliate

Do you have an interest in Architectural Technology and wish to be associated with CIAT and support the discipline? If so, why not join as a 'CIAT affiliate'?

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