Scotland | Changes to the Technical Handbooks

Changes came into force on 1 April 2021.

The following is a summary of the changes – very minor changes to text have not been included here:

  • Standard 0.8 – completely re-written for the CPR.
  • Standard 0.9 – change to the name of Section 4, Safety and Section 6, Energy to reflect Construction Product Regulation requirements.
  • Regulation 3, Type 1 of schedule 1 – updated to reflect the replacement of the Explosive Regulations 2005 by the 2014 version.
  • Regulation 5, Type 23A of schedule 3 – introduction of new building type 23A for detached single-storey buildings used for shelter or sleeping in connection with recreation.
  • Regulation 9 – updated for new building type 23A in schedule 3 to regulation 5.


Standard 2.15
Every building must be designed and constructed in such a way that, in the event of an outbreak of fire within the building, fire growth will be inhibited by the operation of an automatic fire suppression system.

This standard applies only to a building which:

  1. is an enclosed shopping centre
  2. is a residential care building
  3. deliberately blank
  4. forms the whole or part of a sheltered housing complex
  5. is a school building other than a building forming part of an existing school or an extension to a school building where it is not reasonably practical to install an automatic fire suppression system in that building or extension
  6. is a building containing a flat or maisonette
  7. is a social housing dwelling, or
  8. is a shared multi-occupancy residential building

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