Procurement Policy Notes (PPN)

Procurement Policy Notes are published by Government and provide guidance on best practices in public procurement. Scottish Members will find the relevant Procurement Policy Notes here.

The Construction Playbook

The Construction Playbook is a Government document and sets out policies and guidance for how public procurement projects should be delivered. The Institute met with the Cabinet Office on publication of The Construction Playbook and highlighted the following key points:

  • The Institute would be keen to collaborate on further drafts of The Construction Playbook.
  • More cognisance should be given to SMEs.
  • Information on different design disciplines and their competence should be included.
  • Adoption of the UK BIM Framework should be optional rather than compulsory.

Value Toolkit

It is now a requirement that social value of projects is taken into consideration, with many contracting authorities choosing to put a higher weighting on social value questions. The Value Toolkit, developed by Government and 200 cross industry experts, defines value in procurement and how it can be measured. Social Value includes recovery from COVID-19, economic inequality, climate change, equal opportunities, and wellbeing.