The Institute has, and continues, to strive for recognition internationally and encourages its members and affiliates working, or with links, overseas to contact [email protected]. Centre Committee members and affiliates are the face of the Institute overseas and there are a number of activities you can get involved in to support and represent CIAT including:

  • Promoting the Institute and membership to educational establishments who offer Architectural Technology or related programmes. This includes, programme Approval/Accreditation/Recognition and free student membership

  • Representing CIAT on external committees and groups

  • Representing CIAT at conferences and events

  • Working with educational establishments to assist with programme development and university/college and student liaison

  • Mentoring professionals and students, especially those working through their Professional and Occupational Performance (POP) Records

  • Advising CIAT Central Office staff of local issues pertinent to the construction and built environment sector.

How do I go about representing CIAT?

If you wish to represent CIAT, you can initially become part of your Centre Committee.

If your Centre doesn't have an active Committee, you are encouraged to start one! To join or establish the Committee, please email [email protected] with your name, country and work details.