This course focuses on one of the most popular forms of contract, the NEC. You will gain a clear understanding of NEC contracts and how to best utilise them in your organisation.

NEC contracts apply excellent project management principles and practices, define clear legal relationships, and promote best practice in procurement. They are also suitable for a diverse range of works and services. As such, a knowledge of this suite of contracts is essential for anyone in construction.

The course will start by detailing all the various forms of NEC, and will then move into detail on creating the NEC contract for your projects. You will be shown how to complete contract data, understand the different payment options, and best practice with regards to communication when using NEC. Payment mechanisms, risk management, and managing compensation events will also be covered.

At the end of the course, you will be clear on the various forms of NEC, the major and the changes between NEC 3 and NEC 4. You will also have the practical skills to select the best options for your project, complete all parts of contract data, apply payment mechanisms and manage compensation events.

Cost/fee for attendance: £295 + VAT (CIAT members and affiliates are eligible to receive 10% discount)
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