The Professional Interview is the final stage of assessment to attain Chartered Membership.

For those who have completed the Professional Assessment:

The Professional Assessment Interview will be primarily based around the information provided in your Professional Assessment application. The Assessors will want to find out about:

  • your professional background
  • knowledge of the construction process and experience in relation to the four core areas
  • overall experience in industry

The Professional Assessment Interview is designed to be a flexible, personal qualifying process, which will enable the Assesors to determine your level of experience and professionalism according to your area of practice.

You must bring along a portfolio of evidence on the day of your interview. For overseas members, the Interview is held via video conferencing on Skype or MS Teams.

For those who have completed the POP Record:

The Professional Practice Interview allows the Institute’s membership Assessors to assess your level of professional competence in Architectural Technology. Your technical competence is assessed via the POP Record.

The Professional Practice Interview is based on the professional practice units of the Chartered Architectural Technologist POP Record. You will be expected to bring a portfolio of your work and evidence which clearly illustrates your involvement in the areas listed in units 15–17 of the POP Record (see below). For overseas members, the Interview is held via video conferencing on Skype.

Unit 15 Management of Meetings
15.1 Manage meetings
15.2 Make analytical contributions to meetings

Unit 16 Professional Relationships 
16.1 Develop and maintain relationships with people who are affected by your work*
16.2 Present technical information and provide advice on technical problems*
16.3 Identify, summarise and analyse complex, indeterminate problems*
16.4 Contribute to the protection of individual and community interests*

Unit 17 Continual Professional Development 
17.1 Identify, record and analyse personal development aims and progress*
17.2 Allocate and monitor the progress and quality of work in your area of responsibility*
17.3 Contribute to advances in occupational knowledge and practice*

*These units will be assessed against the Code of Conduct.

Click here for Professional Interview Guidance notes.