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To address the issues of fire safety in buildings, a new ground-breaking publication aimed at the global construction industry has been launched for consultation entitled Fire Safety Standard Common Principles (IFSS CP) and has gone into public consultation. This publication was developed by the International Fire Safety Standard (IFSS), a coalition of over 70 international organisations with support from the United Nations and the World Bank; CIAT is a full and active member.

The IFSS project aims to bring transparency and consistency across the differing standards being used around the world by creating a uniform set of principles. Fire safety standards underpin the design, construction and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure, but they have historically been locality specific, out of step with changes in technology and research developments. This has resulted in inconsistent approaches to managing risk to life and property and sometimes a loss of confidence in the fire safety of buildings. The coalition of organisations is urging experts to engage with the development of these new common principles to bring confidence and provide people with reassurance that their environments are adhering to the best worldwide expertise on fire safety. CIAT has three Chartered Members who are proactively involved in the Coalition which we, as an Institute, consider is of considerable importance and is an exemplar of what can be achieved cross-borders and inter-institutional collaboration.

The common principles launched for global consultation have been created by a Standard Setting Committee with 25 independent industry fire safety experts, and pulls together the pockets of fire safety best practice that exist across the globe, considering issues such as fire prevention, detection and communication, occupants protection, containment and extinguishment at each stage of the property life cycle. The coalition organisations spearheading the development of the common principles have already received support from the United Nations, and it is hoped governments across the world will adopt the common principles and support efforts to bring transparency and harmonise international best practice. Attached for your information is the consultation document and the draft consultation questions.

IFSS CP Consultation Document


Draft consultation questions


If you wish to contribute to the Institute's response to this consultation, please forward your response to Graham Chalkey, Assistant Practice Director, at by Tuesday 17 March 2020.

You can also submit your response directly by completing the draft questionnaire form and send this directly to or participate in the consultation via iConsult ( or via the IFSS website ( If you wish to submit your response this way, please ensure that it is submitted by Monday 23 March 2020.

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