APS webinars: Building Safety Act

The Institute has been in discussions with the Association for Project Safety (APS) and is pleased to be able to share their webinar series explaining the Building Safety Act to CIAT members and affiliates.

These hour-long webinars introduce the Building Safety Act and offer tentative views as to who can be a Principal Designer/and or Principal Contractor while secondary legislation is not available yet.

APS will also be holding live webinars at discounted rates to CIAT members and affiliates; please check the calender of events to book your space.

To view and/or purchase these webinars, please log in to My CIAT.

Building Safety Regulator webinars

These series of webinars were delivered by HSE's building control and policy professionals and recordings currently available are:

Registered Building Inspectors
Registered Building Control Approvers
Building Assessment Certification overview 
Applying to register a high-rise building
Registered Building Control Approvers webinar 
Planning Gateway One insights webinar 
Building Control insights webinar 

CIAT webinar on Principal Designer Register

Professor Sam Allwinkle PPBIAT FCIAT, Chair of CIAT's Principal Designer Competency Steering Group talks through the Institute's work in developing its PD Register.