To qualify as a Chartered Architectural Technologist, you have two route choices:

MCIAT Professional Assessment

A holistic self-assessment of your professional experience in AT cross referenced against the Professional Standards Framework (PSF).

Once this has been successfully assessed, you must then pass a Professional Assessment Interview

MCIAT Professional and Occupational Performance (POP) Record

A statement of competence expected of a Chartered Architectural Technologist. The POP Record sets out standards which you must assess your own competence against with confirmation from a qualified professional who will act as a Referee.

Once this has been successfully assessed, you must then pass a Professional Practice Interview.

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N.B. A transitional phase out timeline for Architectural Technician, TCIAT (as approved by Executive Board) has now commenced and it will be removed from the Institute's structure on 31 December 2021. All Technician members will be written to regarding appropriate support and then natural progression to Chartered Membership.

At the end of the two-year transition, Technician membership and the use of TCIAT post nominal designation will cease. Those who have not upgraded to Chartered Membership will be advised accordingly and transferred to Associate member or affiliate status.

If you are currently completing the TCIAT POP Record you will have to register your intent (you will be written to in this regard) to submit your Technician POP Record by 30 November 2020 and qualify as a Technican member by 31 January 2021.