Basic guide to the build-up and calculation of members' fees information sheet (3 of 3) - spreadsheet for sole practitioners

Spreadsheet to accompany the Basic guide to the build-up of members' fees information sheet (3 of 3) sole practitioners

Document 1 Jan 2019

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) information sheet

Complying with data protection regulation is an essential part of running any successful business. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) effective from 25 May 2018, replacing the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998, you need to understand the implications for your business and take measures to be compliant to avoid potential fines which can be crippling under the new regime.

Document 28 Jun 2018

Rights of light information sheet

Rights of Light are rights that can be enjoyed by a building.

Document 1 Feb 2017

Adjudication information sheet

This information sheet intends to raise awareness on the general nature and stages of an adjudication and is not a substitute for professional advice. Members finding themselves either at the receiving end of a Notice of Adjudication or wishing to serve one should seek professional advice.

Document 1 Nov 2016

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 information sheet

Members have the responsibility to advise clients when work falls within the scope of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 (the Act). It is recommended this is done at the outset of any appointment for architectural services.

Document 1 Jul 2016

Cancellation of consumer contracts information sheet

Members should be aware that all contracts entered into with consumers (with some limited exceptions) will fall within Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013).

Document 1 Jul 2016

Delineation of roles information sheet

On appointing a Chartered Architectural Technologist, clients need to determine the extent of the role required to satisfy their requirements.

Document 1 Apr 2016

BC(A)R Certificates information sheet

Members are advised that the advice on this information sheet only applies to BCAR certificates.

Document 1 Mar 2016

Providing services to clients information sheet

In order to avoid confusion in respect of what constitutes providing services to clients, it has been agreed that a member must register if they are providing services and/or advice to clients if it is linked to Architectural Technology or architecture or construction – i.e. anything connected to the architectural or construction industry.

Document 1 Jul 2015

Offering and providing services to clients

This document aims to provide clarity to all members and affiliates on their obligations in respect of offering and providing architectural services and advice.

Document 1 Jun 2015

Copyright information sheet

Copyright in respect of architecture, gives the author of the drawings economic rights, protecting the ownership of drawings and enabling control over the use of the drawings.

Document 1 Oct 2014

Conduct and Professional Ethics: Resigning your membership information sheet

The Institute has a rigorous policy on Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures and carries out the investigation of complaints in a thorough and open way.

Document 1 May 2014

Bankruptcy and insolvency information sheet

This information note is intended to detail CIAT’s policy on members becoming bankrupt or insolvent in relation to the Institute’s current constitution.

Document 1 May 2014

Conflicts of interest information sheet

Conflicts of interest between a member, a client and/or third parties remain a grey area and are often open to interpretation.

Document 1 May 2014

Cessation of Practice information sheet

When members either on the Register of Practices or the Profile Register close their practice for any reason, they are required to comply with the Code of Conduct Clause 4.

Document 1 May 2014

Building Control (Amendment) Regulations information sheet (Republic of Ireland)

The process for building works in Republic of Ireland changed on 1 March 2014 with the introduction of SI 09 of 2014.

Document 3 Mar 2014

Basic guide to the build-up and calculation of members' fees information sheet (1 of 3)

This information sheet aims to provide guidance for members on calculating fees and encourage members’ awareness of their own expenditure and what details need to be taken into consideration when giving costs to their clients.

Document 1 Jan 2013

Basic guide to the build-up and calculation of members' fees information sheet (2 of 3) spreadsheet for company with director(s) and partner(s)

Spreadsheet to accompany the Basic guide to the build-up and calculation of members' fees information sheet (2 of 3)

Document 1 Jan 2013

The Construction Act 2011 information sheet

This information sheet is concerned with the more significant changes brought about by the New Construction Act.

Document 3 Oct 2011

Termination Do's and Don'ts information sheet

Termination provisions in standard form building contracts are not always user friendly.

Document 1 Mar 2011

Retention of documents information sheet

Retaining documents can be an expensive and onerous business, incurring storage charges and involving deliberations over what to keep and what to destroy.

Document 1 Dec 2010