For those in England
The most recent versions of the Approved Documents for the fourteen technical 'Parts' of the Building Regulations' requirements can be found at

Building Regulations (England)
Part A (Structural safety)
Part B (Fire safety)
Part C (Resistance to moisture and weather)
Part D (Toxic substances)
Part E (Resistance to sound)
Part F (Ventilation)
Part G (Hygiene)
Part H (Drainage and waste disposal)
Part J (Heat producing appliances)
Part K (Protection from falling)
Part L (Conservation of fuel and power)

The Energy Saving Trust sets energy efficiency standards that go beyond building regulations for use in the design, construction and refurbishment of homes. These standards provide an integrated package of measures covering fabric, ventilation, heating, lighting and hot water systems for all aspects of new build and renovation. The changes to Part L of the Building Regulations for England and Wales which took effect from April 2006, mean homes will need to be better insulated and use more efficient heating systems. The Energy Saving Trust can help you not only comply with the new regulations, but also go beyond them with free resources including best practice guides, training seminars, technical advice and online tools.

Part M (Access to and use of buildings)
Part N (Glazing safety)
Part P (Electrical safety)

For those in Scotland
Building Standards for Scotland can be found at:

For those in Northern Ireland

For those in the Republic of Ireland


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